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0003750ardourfeaturespublic2012-01-19 14:36
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Summary0003750: Add ability to save processor lists
DescriptionIt would be nice to be able to save processor lists so that these can be loaded across session. Say I define a chain for a snare with dynamics, eq, and effects. The user could save this processor chain so and load it in a second session.

In the processor section the user would have a menu item to allow him to select which chain he wants to load. A loaded processor chain will override an existing chain.

The benefit of this is that you can track light weight then build the core mix quickly to a good starting point.
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2011-02-02 14:17

administrator   ~0010033

this is really just a subset of route templates. but .. yeah.


2011-02-02 14:18

administrator   ~0010034

also note that copy/paste of processors is already done XML, so the heavy lifting part of this is already implemented.


2012-01-19 14:36

reporter   ~0012580


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