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0003714ardourbugspublic2011-02-03 18:49
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Product Version2.8.11 
Summary0003714: ardour 2.8.11 crashes during Import of multiple .wav files
DescriptionArdour 2.8.11 crashes with segmentation fault when I'm importing multiple .wav tracks.
Several tests shows a pattern see additional information.
Additional InformationI did several tests on three different pc's which all have different cpu types.

1. Intel P4, core running at cpu MHz 2411.620
2. Intel core2 1.8 Mhz on a Dell Laptop latitude D820
3. Intel E8400 dual core both cores running at cpu MHz 2003.000, asus pq5l motherboard.

- On the P4 I've seen no crashes so far.
- On the Dell core2 I've seen it once in about 20 tries.
- On the E8400 desktop it always crashes, sometimes even when it is importing the very first track.

Most of the times ardour crashes completely, leaving a seg fault behind, and sometime I get a hang in ardour which causes one of the cores to run at a 100% load (endless loop?).
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2011-01-15 09:15

reporter   ~0009938

Last edited: 2011-01-18 20:29

Intel core2 1.8 Mhz should be 1.8 GHz.

Any relationship with report : ?????

Important note:

In the Session-->Import screen, importing the .wav files is possible without crashing when the "Copy files to session" option has been unchecked upon hitting the "Apply" or "OK" button, but it leaves the editor screen behind with vertical stripes. Also the following errors occur:

[INFO]: Loading session /home/rtd/test3 using snapshot test3 (2)
Loading history from '/home/rtd/test3/test3.history'.
[ERROR]: AudioSource: cannot open peakpath (b) "/home/rtd/test3/peaks/Road-Track02%A.peak" (No such file or directory)
[ERROR]: AudioSource: cannot open peakpath (b) "/home/rtd/test3/peaks/Road-Track05%A.peak" (No such file or directory)


2011-01-19 11:28

reporter   ~0009945

I'm using debian 6.0 rc1 (squeeze) and libsndfile1 version 1.0.21-3.


2011-01-21 20:26

reporter   ~0009966

Did some tests today with Fedora 1.4 using the fedora rt kernel. See the same problems with importing wav. files
The problem seems not to have any relation with distro type, Fedora 1.4, Debian 6.0 and Ubuntu studio 10.10. All distributions are showing the same error during import. As stated earlier there seems to be a strong relationship with processor speed.
I had hoped that installing the latest libsnd file (1.0.23) would help the problem to disappear but that was not the case.


2011-02-03 18:49

reporter   ~0010036

Last edited: 2011-02-03 18:50

Did another test with debian squeeze and switched off one of my cores, so I'm running on one core right now. Did several wav file imports and the problem did not appear anymore. My strong feeling is that there is a relationship with using multi core vs single core.
Guys, please double check the multicore functionality because there seems to be a bug hidden inside ardour.



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