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0003646ardourbugspublic2011-12-23 02:19
Reporterjoegiampaoli Assigned Tocth103  
Status feedbackResolutionfixed 
Target Version3.0-beta1 
Summary0003646: Main canvas windows bigger than screen resolution.
DescriptionRecently with newer compiled SVN, if I check view > show editor mixer the canvas window becomes larger than my screen resolution (1280x1024) and the minimize and close buttons for the window are hidden far into the right side of screen. Disabling editor mixer resizes the window back to normal.

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2011-01-02 05:47

reporter   ~0009781

Sorry, no it does not default again when disabling editor mixer, I have to click resize button on gtk window to reset it again.


2011-01-02 14:16

administrator   ~0009786

Have you tried adjusting the font scaling in the Preferences dialogue?


2011-01-02 21:13

reporter   ~0009795

Yes, font scaling of 84% seems to fit things well but it sure looks kinda small to me, could be a bit hard to read for some people. On Ardour 2 I always use font scaling of 100% and all fits fine and clearly legible.


2011-01-02 22:10

administrator   ~0009796

Looking at A2 and A3 side-by-side, I think the things that make A3 wider are:

* the replacement of "SMPTE" by "Timecode" in the snap combo box
* the addition of the zoom toolbar
* the couple of extra tools (for link object-range and MIDI note edit)
* the "Panic" button

so its essentially more easily available (or new) functionality, in the main. I guess the simplest immediate `solution' is to make some of this optional.


2011-01-03 00:14

reporter   ~0009797

Turning the time code off helps a little bit, can scale fonts to 90% but text at very top of main window (where you have disk space and total time) still gets cut off a bit.


2011-01-03 03:13

administrator   ~0009798

Things should be a little better in SVN. Also, there is an option in the Preferences dialogue to turn off the zoom toolbar, if you want to do that; with that off, I believe the editor window should normally fit into 1280 horizontal pixels.


2011-01-03 13:44

reporter   ~0009799

this works perfectly for me now. since for my part this was related to :

but now i can use font scalig @ 80 which for me is perfect.



2011-01-05 19:35

administrator   ~0009843

joegiampaoli, how is current SVN for you?


2011-01-05 20:17

reporter   ~0009844

Last edited: 2011-01-05 20:27

Still having issues with text size. Font scaling has to be set now to 72 (which is incredibly small) to be able to fit the info bar at top of main window. Attaching a file (screens.tar.gz) with 3 screenshots for comparison with text scaling of 72, 90 and 100. The image 72.png has notes of what I mean.

Thank you.

EDIT: Forgot to say SVN version currently used. It is on 8444.

2011-01-05 20:17


screens.tar.gz (835,256 bytes)


2011-01-06 01:29

administrator   ~0009851

If you set text scaling to 100 and then quit and restart ardour does that help?


2011-01-06 02:02

reporter   ~0009855

Nope, all is the same.

I would like to add that I am running Ardour3 from a folder (not installed) like Paul stated in forums that we should not install yet. Besides I have Ardour2 in my system, so when I run A3 I do it from the gtk2_ardour folder by running ./ardev

Just wanted to clarify that just in case......


2011-02-16 01:29

administrator   ~0010102

Is current SVN any better for this problem?


2011-02-16 01:59

reporter   ~0010103

Last edited: 2011-02-16 02:01

Things look much better but I am still having issues with font scaling, going all the way down to 84 makes things better, but a bit smaller, attaching screenie with aditional details.


Thank you.

EDIT: SVN 8850

2011-02-16 01:59


Screenshot_15-01-2011.png (361,117 bytes)


2011-02-16 02:12

administrator   ~0010104

OK, thanks, please try SVN 8867.


2011-02-16 02:27

reporter   ~0010106

Last edited: 2011-02-16 02:28

Compiling error for SVN 8867 (will open new tracker for this):

[162/715] cxx: libs/surfaces/control_protocol/ -> build/default/libs/surfaces/control_protocol/control_protocol_1.o
In file included from ../libs/surfaces/control_protocol/
../libs/ardour/ardour/route.h:251:34: error: ‘jack_latency_callback_mode_t’ has not been declared
../libs/ardour/ardour/route.h:510:59: error: ‘jack_latency_callback_mode_t’ has not been declared
Waf: Leaving directory `/home/joe/Desktop/Ardour3/build'
Build failed: -> task failed (err 0000001):
    {task: cxx -> control_protocol_1.o}


2011-02-16 02:46

administrator   ~0010107

Yeah, there are some problems in that area at the moment. Either use jack1 SVN or wait a little for those the be cleared up.


2011-02-16 04:13

reporter   ~0010113

Oh, I didn't know I could use JACK1 SVN to compile Ardour3, hmmmmmm, let's see....


2011-02-16 06:39

reporter   ~0010115

Working Fantastically!

SVN 8870

Scaled all the way up to 100 and the text automatically repositions itself and back when going lower, no text is cut off.

Thank you so much.


2011-02-16 13:53

administrator   ~0010116

Excellent, thanks for your help.


2011-12-23 01:40

reporter   ~0012444

I'm running ardour3.0-alpha10 on kubuntu 11.10 on a netbook, with a screen resolution of 1024x600. It's usable, but there are a couple of points that could be improved.

Firstly, the whole screen is too wide. The main toolbar is cut off after the A on the "audition" button. Font scaling helps, and I can fit the whole window in the screen at 65%, however, this is getting too small to read. The problem here is that the font scaling does not affect the size of the clock text, which remain large. I think if the clock text scaled as well I might get away with 80% font scaling, which would be perfectly readable. The other option would be to split the main toobar (probably just after the punch clocks), so that small screen users could remove the end of the toobar, or put it somewhere else.

The second problem is that the preferences screen is 770px high on 100% font scaling. even on 50% scaling, it's still 618px - too high for my screen, which means I have to move it around to actually use it. This could be remedied by allowing large panels to scroll vertically when neccesary. The other option would be to split up the "misc" and "audio" tabs, as these are the only ones that are big enough to force the window larger than 600px.


2011-12-23 01:47

reporter   ~0012445

sorry, still getting used to the mantis UI...


2011-12-23 02:19

reporter   ~0012446

Hrrmm... regarding the original bug report, if I "Show editor mixer", then I don't have problems with width, but even with font scaling at 50%, the window height is 604px (643px @ 100%), and the buttons at the bottom of the mixer drop off the page. The only solution I can see to that is to allow the mixer fader to shrink a bit.

For some reason the "Show Editor list" on, there is a similar height problem, even though the bar is not full of text, when font scaling is used. at 50%, window height is 567px (ok, except for my KDE panel getting in the way), but at 80% scaling it's 607px, and at 100% it's 635px.

None of the other UI changes cause problems, that I can see.

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