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0003399features2012-01-29 22:18
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PlatformDell D830 core2duo T9300 2.5GHzOSMandrivaOS Version2010
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Summary0003399: The export dialogue needs a preview of what the file name will be.
DescriptionThe export dialogue needs a preview of what the file name will be. This will then show how all of the options affect how the file name will be.



2010-11-03 10:14

developer   ~0009335

Having thought about this a bit more, as there are possibly multiple exports happening in a single export instance, my suggestion needs modifying. Rather than having one preview line could the time span table show the file name on each line. It could be that multiple formats are being exported to but that only effects the file name's extension (ie .wav, .ogg etc). The extension could be left off the preview so the one filename is correct for all formats.

I still think this is necessary so the user can see the effect of adding a version number, changing the label, adding the date etc.


2012-01-29 20:59

developer   ~0012702

Implemented in r11383.
The preview is located in the filename widget, since that is where it mostly gets modified. Feedback is welcome if there are problems with this approach :)


2012-01-29 21:18

developer   ~0012703

I think this works fine. No other comments really. Thanks.

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