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Summary0003311: Multitrack Quantization
DescriptionWhile in Ardour 3.0 a quantization feature for MIDI is introduced, it would be nice to have an equvalent feature for the audio tracks.

Even good musicians are sometimes slightly away from perfection. So especially in fast music you often want to quantize the (micro-)timing of e.g. the drum-tracks to fit the tempo map exactly. This comes in handy when working with MIDI/Audio together, as the MIDI track is just in time (when quantized or programmed).

I would suggest the following procedure for quantizing:
1. Split up one or multiple tracks in slices (i.e. just at the beginning of a drum beat)
2. Select all the slices
3. Set grid size (e.g. 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 and triplets)
4. Start the quantize function (e.g. 'q' key like MIDI quantize)
5. All the slices are now aligned to the tempo map

So my request is dedicated to a feature which automatically aligns small peaces of audio to the tempo map.

The icing on the cake would be an automatic crossfade-length control.If the slices are shorter than the duration of the beat, there would be a gap between each other. On the other hand a long slice would create a long crossfade to the next slice. So Ardour should automatically extend or shorten the slices to fit in the raster and have minimal crossfade (to prevent clicks).
Additional InformationI don't know exactly how this is accomplished in other DAWs, but I think this would be an intuitive approach. Please improve this description with good ideas.
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has duplicate 0005139 new quantizing of audio regions 



2010-07-14 11:41

reporter   ~0008429

you will find that alot of what you are requesting is already implemented in Ardour 3.0. The only real problem right now is to find a very accurate on-set detection method since the available methods are not that great.


2011-03-04 22:04

reporter   ~0010277

With the introduction of the QM-Onsets plugin, things are much better now.


2012-04-14 10:56

reporter   ~0013120

I find the visualization on the grid sequencer unintuitive, often loses track of its position on the beat for a change and feel a little fluid.
a solution would be to use thicker and slightly more color on strong vertical lines leading progressively to the start of the measure and the quarter (if you are in 4/4) then the off-beat locations, etc., etc., also help to set this as roll bar by default and beatz bars and the numbers written on it followed this logiga, i know that is not the same argument, but is very similar, so I think it's fair to also mention here

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