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0003167ardourfeaturespublic2010-08-10 00:36
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Summary0003167: Amalgamate 'Draw gain automation' and 'Edit region contents' into just a 'Draw' icon
DescriptionI have been wondering why A3's (7145) MIDI editing control icon includes 'Draw/Edit MIDI notes', 'Draw Gain automation' AND 'Edit region contents'? The main reason I say this is because you can't edit or insert MIDI notes at same time as gain points as they're handled on separate strips so why the need for these three icons?

I would like to see both the 'Draw Gain automation' and 'Edit region contents' replaced with just having the 'Draw/Edit MIDI notes' icon which would then have its darn label fixed yet again to just saying 'Draw' or to be more verbose 'Draw MIDI notes/automation nodes'

This icon labelling thing had no end does it? :D
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2010-07-25 19:36

administrator   ~0008638

the issue with this suggestion is that if we were to ever add a PT-style pencil editor for destructive (or not!) editing of audio data, where would that go? it seems to be the natural counterpart of "draw notes" ...


2010-08-10 00:09

administrator   ~0008768

Punting this one to 3.X for now. danboid: if you have any strong feelings about this, make yourself known here :)


2010-08-10 00:36

reporter   ~0008770

I'm used to this now so I'm not overly bothered about this although I do still firmly believe it needs to change. I'm used to it but I don't like it or agree with it any more than when I filed this.

When I first started testing Ardours MIDI I had to ask how to insert a note with the mouse and (fairly enough) I've had people ask me how to do just that since because it really isn't obvious how its done.

Simple things should be simple (and easy/obvious) to do and I think this is prob the greatest design flaw with Ardours MIDI editor. I'm concerned it may scare people off before they even give it a real chance.

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