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0003139ardourbugspublic2010-08-20 05:44
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Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
Summary0003139: Generic MIDI Control Surface always defaults to no
DescriptionAssigning Generic MIDI under control surfaces>options never saves this setting when reopening the same session or creating new one. Directly modified ~/.ardour2/ardour.rc in the line:

    <Protocol name="Generic MIDI" active="no"/>


    <Protocol name="Generic MIDI" active="yes"/>

But when reloading the session it default to "no"
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2010-05-16 23:56

reporter   ~0007913

Last edited: 2010-05-18 02:12

Just wanted to add, that I also discovered that the bindings are not saved, after re-enabling Generic MIDI and move the control it won't move ardour's meter levels. So I have to reassign all controls again. This doesn't happen with 2.8.7


2010-08-20 05:44

reporter   ~0008866

Last edited: 2010-08-20 05:51

Same issue noted here. Mackie and Generic are both always set to "no" in ~/.ardour2/ardour.rc after saving a new session, regardless of options being checked (or not) in GUI.

Have noticed that this issue does not apply to ANY session started from ANY template. As long as you never create a new session without using a template (or from a template created from such session), then both MIDI Generic and Mackie settings behave and are saved as expected.

To easily reproduce this bug, edit ~/.ardour2/ardour.rc so that
<Protocol name="Generic MIDI" active="yes"/>
<Protocol name="Mackie" active="yes"/>

Open new session without a template, note that Gen MIDI and Mackie are both checked in the menu already.

Without changing the menu settings save the session. Then check ardour.rc and find that both settings have been disabled. Close session.

Open another new session. Note that Gen MIDI and Mackie are disabled in the menu (as expected considering current state of ardour.rc)

Enable Gen MIDI and Mackie via the menu and save session. Note that settings remain disabled in ardour.rc

I also did not experience this in 2.8.7 or earlier. Issue still exists in 2.0-SVN

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