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0003097ardourbugspublic2010-04-27 13:15
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Summary0003097: AU plugin automation record in touch mode (Ardour 2.8.7)
DescriptionArdour does not record automation from an AU plugin in touch mode: when the user starts modifying a parameter (for instance by dragging it with the mouse on the UI), it jumps back to its original position and Ardour does not notice the change. This was noted on three plugins:
. one of my own
. the demoFilter provided by apple
. a plugin directly compiled from the template provided by Apple, with unit modified to Generic (in order to avoid the bug reported as 0003095)

This bug occurs on both Generic view and Cocoa custom UIs.

Automation is recorded in "write" mode.
Additional InformationSince automation is recorded in write mode but not in touch mode, I suspect that the problem comes from the handling events notified by the AU, and in particular begin and end gestures.
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2010-04-27 13:15

administrator   ~0007627

This may be related to 3095.

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