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0003083ardourfeaturespublic2010-04-23 15:02
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Product Version2.8 
Summary0003083: Add "Never copy imported files" to Misc Options menu
DescriptionIn Ardour 2.8.6, the Menu "options -> Misc Options" features a "Always copy imported files" option. I propose to add its logical opposite, a "Never copy imported files" option.

This would satisfy both schools of thought, the "your DAW session should make sure it copies all files to the local directory and you don't loose anything" approach, and the "your DAW session should be a mere edit list of operations on files which you otherwise manage yourself" approach.

With the current situation, the pupils of the latter school have to remember to untick the "copy" toggle every time they import a file, at the danger of ending up with a "mixed" project. The proposed option would give them freedom of mind.
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