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0003079ardourfeaturespublic2010-04-23 00:26
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Product Version2.8 
Summary0003079: Provide local "stop and return" command
DescriptionIn Ardour 2.8.6, after stopping playback, an automatic return to the last start position can be globally enabled through the "Auto Return" feature. However, it would be useful to have two separate commands, "Stop (without return)" and "Stop and Return", which can then be assigned to two different key bindings. It would actually be great if the space bar could be assigned to either "Start/Stop (without return)" or "Start/Stop and return", effectively allowing one to choose ones personal preference, which will often be informed by prior usage of other DAWs.

For example, in Samplitude, space is "Start/Stop and Return", and comma is "Stop (without return)". One can use either of them spontaneously, from case to case, whereas in Ardour, it is necessary to first globally en/disable Auto Return before actually stopping playback. This makes spontaneous switching problematic, for example when one discovers features in the audio playback at which one would like to pause playback.

I realise there is a "Play from Edit Point and return" option, which comes close to this behaviour, but it requires an edit point.
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