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0003031ardourbugspublic2012-04-25 00:02
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Product Version2.8.4 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0003031: Ardour cannot start maximized
DescriptionGenerally, programs remember if you maximize them or not, but Ardour always starts as a window. When I'm doing a lot of work across sessions, it gets annoying having to maximize the window every time. I believe that Ardour's behavior should mimic other programs and stay maximized, or at least provide a config option.
Additional Informationattached a screenshot.

I do a lot of dragging of the right side panel, and it's difficult when the window is not maximized.
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2010-02-14 08:58


Screenshot.png (159,111 bytes)   
Screenshot.png (159,111 bytes)   


2011-07-19 15:24

reporter   ~0011164

i am having the same issue with A3 rev 9901: Ardour does not remember it's maximized state, but starts pretty close to maximized, but not actually maximized.


2012-01-25 03:10

administrator   ~0012655

as of rev 11343, a3 should now be able to do this.

one minor "glitch" is that if you start maximized, then unmaximize it, you will get back to regular "maximize-by-the-window-manager", not the size it was last time you started, before you maximized.


2012-03-06 01:09

reporter   ~0012869

with SVN 11592, A3 seems to remember the last window size for any size *except* truly maximized. have tried this w/ a new session as well as existing ones. after opening a session, maximizing, closing and reopening, the window is again "maximized" in size, but not actually maximized.

using GNOME 2.32.1.

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