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0003012ardourfeaturespublic2010-02-02 00:55
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Product Version2.8.4 
Summary0003012: Edit Fades, show playhead scrolling in fade window
DescriptionWhen editing crossfades, it is possible to adjust the curves of both in/out regions. It would be much appreciated if the curves on Fade ins / Fade outs ("single-ended" fades) could also be adjusted using the same Edit Fade window.

Current workaround: record/insert a null region (digital black) and crossfade into/out of it.

In Sonic Solutions, the best feature was the Edit Fade window. (Likely the inspiration for Samplitude.) In addition to the pictures and (bezier?) curves, generating curves (Exponential decay, Cosine, etc...) with a length and "height"/rate parameter would be more useful than dinking around with point and click [parameters could be saved/recalled, or used as templates.]

Also, it would be very helpful if the play head showed in the edit window.
Additional InformationJust trying to reproduce the capabilities of my old Sonic Solutions system, which Ardour does an admirable job of. This is one of the few missing links.
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