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0003000ardourbugspublic2010-04-25 23:29
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Product Version2.8.4 
Summary0003000: SMPTE OFFSET
Description<studio> las, SMPTE OFFSET doesn't retain settings in the clock and the settings don't seem to apply during initial entry
 <studio> las, i was trying to use it to redefine 00:00:00 when a session first region exists at 00:14:52:00 or whatever
 <studio> las, i'll file a report but thought i'd let you know
 <las> studio: regions are not placed at SMPTE time
 <las> studio: (audio) regions are on an sample-based timeline
 <las> studio: the offset just changes what timecode ardour would output if it was a timecode master and how it interprets incoming timecode
 <studio> las, i see. if offset is defined, 00:15:00:00, session closed, reopened then is that offset supposed to remain in the clock interface?
 <las> studio: probably not. another detail not stored in the session file.
 <las> studio: worse, it might be, but isn't shown in the clock :(
 <studio> las, do you want a report in the tracker?
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