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0002965ardourfeaturespublic2010-07-24 20:39
Reporteroofus Assigned To 
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PlatformDell D830 core2duo T9300 2.5GHzOSMandrivaOS Version2009.1
Target Version3.X 
Summary0002965: When using the range tool, add an editing option to create a new region in place.
DescriptionWhen using the range tool, add an editing option to create a new region in place. ie a new region containing the same audio as the underlying region, but doesn't create a new file, placed in the same position as the range is currently.
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related to 0002706 new New feature required to create a new region from a range (defined with the range tool), in place without splitting. 



2010-07-23 22:30

reporter   ~0008609

I believe that this is already implemented with the consolidate range function.


2010-07-24 07:18

developer   ~0008618

Not quite as that splits the range away from the original region, like using 'S' in range mode. I was meaning that a region corresponding to the range should be created but the underlying regions not effected at all. ie the removal of that region should reveal the original region again, intact.


2010-07-24 15:58

updater   ~0008626

I think 2706 is a duplicate of this.

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