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0002911ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:29
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Product Version2.8.2 
Summary0002911: Ardour Window Twitches Around When Performing Mouse Clicks
DescriptionI believe this was introduced a few minor versions ago (was not present in 2.7.*).

When I click my mouse to do anything from using the menu to dragging a track, the window will jump one pixel to the right, then to the left on the next clip.

I have noticed that Ardour is one or two pixels too large for my display when I unmaximize it. I cannot resize it to make it smaller, so it goes off the screen a very little bit. Perhaps this is related.

I attached a short demonstration video.
Additional InformationI am using Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic. I am using Compiz, but when I use Metacity with no effects turned on, Ardour does not even maximize so I cannot see if it is reproducible there.

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related to 0003076 new Graphical Interface becomes unusable 


2009-11-10 19:53


out.ogv (2,443,538 bytes)   


2009-11-22 01:04

reporter   ~0007136

Please excuse the crudity of the picture as a regular screenshot wouldn't capture the problem, but if you notice, Ardour will actually run itself over to the next desktop when maximized.

I would classify this as minor now as it really does disturb my workflow. When I try and click on small objects (such as the faders on the tracks), a lot of times the click will miss because the display was wrong by one pixel.

2009-11-22 01:04


100_3366.JPG (334,238 bytes)


2009-12-29 17:39

reporter   ~0007269

Same issue here - even on a 1280x1024px screen the main window is about 10px too wide. So it keeps flipping back and forth with every click.

When I disable Compiz, the main window could be maximized, but it is offset by about 5px.

2009-12-29 17:43


compiz_off.png (93,726 bytes)   
compiz_off.png (93,726 bytes)   


2010-01-14 08:27

reporter   ~0007307

Adding another screen from an old PPC iBook running Ardour 2.8.2 on Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 (XFCE).

2010-01-14 08:27


Screenshot.png (96,996 bytes)   
Screenshot.png (96,996 bytes)   


2010-02-14 08:31

reporter   ~0007376

Seems this is a dupe of bug 0002950:


2010-02-14 08:36

reporter   ~0007377

However, I am using a 1280x1024 monitor. Can we not see the fonts scaled a smidgen by default, as that was the solution to the problem?


2010-02-25 17:14

administrator   ~0007386

its not *directly* related to font size - it all depends on the real and the reported DPI of your monitor. we've found it more or less impossible to find a way to accurately know how large a given font size will be in pixels, and this is by design - a 10pt font needs to be a different number of pixels depending on the kind of display it is used on (think a small mobile PDA/phone versus a projector).

the default font scaling in ardour is "none" (i.e. we use the natural scaling that the font handling system uses).

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