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Summary0002898: binding a midi controller loses current setting
Descriptionthis is somehow related from a user's POV to the recently fixed

if i want to assign a midi controller, the current setting of that parameter is lost. at least when midi feedback is enabled, that need not happen.
how about this?:

fader is set to some value, say -6dB.
ctrl-middle click, popup "operate controller now"
midi controller is operated, we now know the controller, but discard the value and do not enable the controller right away.
instead, we send midi feedback once. the controller jumps to the current value previously set in the GUI. then we wait a while for the controller to settle, say .1 sec (think slow motorfader).
now the controller can be enabled.

the question is how to handle this in the absence of midi feedback. all i could think of would be a locking feature like many midi controllers have, when the controller only becomes active after it has moved past the current value, to avoid discontinuities (to some degree). don't know how feasible this is with ardour.

what do you think?

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