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0002892ardourfeaturespublic2009-10-31 17:07
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Product VersionMixbus 1.0 
Summary0002892: bus automation
DescriptionAutomation on buses would be useful; stereo mix fade out, MB_playback-N > Final Cut_record-N, etc. We don't want to automate fades on * instrument strips when we can fade the master and only it.

Groups can be used to control multiple tracks but if a member of the group has its own automation there's a conflict.
Additional Information<the_CLA> studio, Seablade: AFAIK you can automate the master and the mixbusses. The problem with this is, that you can't edit the automation by hand, as those tracks don't show up in the editor. I think this is a known problem to Harrison.
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2009-10-31 17:07

reporter   ~0007039

<BenLoftis2> studio, definitely a known issue. still discussing what to do

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