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Summary0002870: Show relative time information at mouse pointer when dragging in Editor
DescriptionArdour currently displays absolute time/clock information at the mouse pointer when dragging in the Editor window (e.g. when moving or resizing regions, or marquee selecting). It would often also be good to know the relative time (i.e. the interval or time delta between the original point and the current point). This would be useful for taking measurements from waveforms, doing precise region clipping, or manually nudging regions (in cases where the Artificial Latency plugin is not suitable). Perhaps the time interval could be displayed underneath the absolute time, in a smaller font.
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2009-10-17 04:57

reporter   ~0006714

Always displaying a leading '+' or '-' would make it obvious that the number is an interval, and would mean consistent digit alignment when crossing 0 and therefore better readability.

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