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0002825features2010-10-29 16:18
ReporteroofusAssigned Tocth103 
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PlatformDell D830 core2duo T9300 2.5GHzOSMandrivaOS Version2009.1
Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
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Summary0002825: Option, when normalising, to specify what is used as the peak reference when multiple regions are selected.
DescriptionOption, when normalising, to specify what is used as the peak reference when multiple regions are selected.

When multiple regions are selected for normalising two options should be available. 1) Normalise each region independently. 2) Use the highest peak of all the regions as the reference.
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2009-08-14 09:31

manager   ~0006526

is it at all possible to normalize multiple regions in ardour 2.0-ongoing? if so, how? (it would be great if it were.)

if multiple regions are being normalized, the default should always be relative normalization (i.e. to the highest peak in any of the selected regions), so that the relative levels aren't changed.


2009-08-14 09:47

developer   ~0006527

Well, I had just assumed that selecting multiple regions would give a normalise option in the context menu. I was wrong. So, a bug report required first, 'normalise option is missing from the context menu when multiple regions are selected'. I have a feeling it used to be there, but maybe I'm wrong.

Agree that the default should be relative normalisation.


2009-08-14 19:16

manager   ~0006528

Yes it is possible to normalize multiple regions at once, I have done it multiple times. I think I either went through the top menu, or used the shortcut to do it.



2010-08-29 19:36

developer   ~0008945

Both of these issues have now been addressed in 3.x. When multiple regions are selected the right click context menu now contains a normalise option. The resulting dialogue now has an option for normalising across all regions, however I think the wording is unclear, it doesn't convey what the option setting will do. Suggest the wording and control be changed to two radio buttons with labels : "Normalise regions individually" and "Normalise regions relatively", or something very similar.


2010-10-25 23:00

developer   ~0009304

Text still not changed so current text still confusing me ! Also suggest adding a progress bar. I just normalised a selection of large regions and it took 30 seconds +. Wasn't sure if the job was being done or Ardour had frozen.


2010-10-26 00:31

administrator   ~0009307

Should all be fixed in SVN.


2010-10-26 00:43

developer   ~0009308

Last edited: 2010-10-26 11:39

Getting better. Progress bar doesn't seem to work. ie the progress bar doesn't progress during normalising. It sometimes shows some progress but not until all the normalising has been done. Also normalising using the highest peak across the selected regions doesn't seem to work. The regions end up slightly louder but not to the level that they would be if they were done individually, taking into account the average level of those regions. Normalising all the selected regions individually does work.


2010-10-29 01:50

developer   ~0009312

All issues fixed, and a few more addressed.


2010-10-29 16:18

developer   ~0009322

see notes

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