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0002822ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:31
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Product Version2.8.2 
Summary0002822: Crash when loading session file
DescriptionI moved my old .ardour files from an old version of Ardour on Linux (Intel) to the latest version (built from revision 5396) on Mac OS X (Intel). Some of the files load fine on the first try, in others it crashes.

On the ones where it crashes, I can make the files load if I manually remove a particular "10-band EQ" insert, but on this one, it crashes persistently, and I have not enough info to debug this issue. I removed the "10-band EQ" that was making so much trouble in some of the other files, and I also corrected some obvious errors (such as changing "alsa_pcm:..." to "system:..."), but to no avail.

I attach the crash report. (If I can, I'll also attach the session files --- edited and original --- later, but so far it looks as if I can upload only one file.)
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2009-08-10 17:32


2009-08-10 17:33


TimesLikeThese.ardour (30,526 bytes)

2009-08-10 17:34



2009-08-10 17:35

reporter   ~0006498

I should also report that I do not have all the plugins installed that were used in the old sessions. I have only the SWH plugins installed.

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