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0002820ardourfeaturespublic2009-08-10 13:33
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Summary0002820: tempo change should not imply beginning of bar
Descriptioncurrently, ardour assumes that all tempo changes coincide with the beginning of a bar. if you have a 4/4 piece and add a tempo change on bar 1, beat 4, this beat becomes a new "one", effectively shortening the bar before to a 3/4.

this is not nice when trying to manually match a track that has been recorded without a click track. generally, meter and tempo should be orthogonal. this might be a tough one, since there seem to be some design limitations in the current model (cf. bug. 0002377 and others).
the problem seems to be that meters help define the positions of tempo markers and vice versa, so that changing either one in the middle of a session leads to unexpected behaviour.
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