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0002814ardourbugspublic2009-10-31 14:23
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Product Version2.8.2 
Summary0002814: opaque != transparent
Description"Opaque" actually means "100% not transparent", but the checkbox is on when a region is transparent.
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2009-10-28 22:45

administrator   ~0006923

I'm not sure I follow. As far as I can see, regions start off opaque, with the Opaque option checked, and then "toggle opaque" makes them transparent, and the opaque option is unchecked. What's wrong here?


2009-10-28 23:34

developer   ~0006925

I've always found this terminology to be unnecessarily confusing. The logic should be inverted. The term should be transparent and should be off by default. Same end result, better terminology and logic.


2009-10-29 11:14

administrator   ~0006964

Yes, I am inclined to agree.


2009-10-29 11:29

developer   ~0006965

I think I'm right in saying that every other option within Ardour is off by default and you enable it if you want it. This is the only one that breaks that and is the complete opposite logically. ie on by default and you disable it to get the not so often used case.


2009-10-31 14:23

administrator   ~0007025

i agree. i'll look into how complex this will be to modify (mostly just careful work)

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