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0002813ardourtranslationpublic2010-12-14 03:35
Reporterprokoudine Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.8.2 
Target Version2.8.12 
Summary0002813: Untranslatable messages
DescriptionSome user visible messages are not translatable:

- "Ardour - Log" caption, Close button in that dialog
- "ThemeManager" dialog caption, Restore Defaults button in that dialog, "Dark/Light Theme" checkboxes, all ui elements in that dialog for whoch a color can be picked
- "Duplication Dialog" caption
- "tempo dialog" caption
- translators info is not displayed as translated
- "Ardour Digital Audio Workstation" from gtk_ardour/ is supposed to be added to PO files and its translation in PO files - to be merged into a final .desktop file, but neither seems to happen
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2009-08-10 03:02

administrator   ~0006490

why would translator info be translated? we present their names in UTF-8 text, presumably rendering correctly no matter what their name's native language. what else would we do?


2009-08-10 07:22

reporter   ~0006494

Paul, if you look closer, that info seems to be already getting merged to PO files :)

If it shouldn't be translatable, then please remove it from the list of translatables, or fix the actual displaying :)


2010-11-21 18:23

reporter   ~0009461

Another untranslatable message on top of the listed ones, Ardour3 specific: "Show phase" from gtk2_ardour/


2010-11-21 22:38

administrator   ~0009463

I believe this are all fixed in A3 SVN.


2010-11-24 03:36

reporter   ~0009494

Not fixed:

— "Ardour - Log" caption, Close button in that dialog
— "Ardour Digital Audio Workstation" from gtk_ardour/ is supposed to be added to PO files
- The GtkAbout dialog keeps listing all translators instead of the one for the current language as other applications do


2010-12-14 03:35

reporter   ~0009620

Also, names of groups in Keyboard Shortcuts dialog are not translatable

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