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0002791ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:31
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0002791: Ardour loses recorded audio files
DescriptionArdour is unable to load audio files which it has recorded into a session. Instead Ardour gives this error:

[ERROR]: Filesource: cannot find required file (Yikes/interchange/Yikes/audiofiles/Audio 1-1.wav): while searching Yikes/interchange/Yikes/audiofiles
[WARNING]: A sound file is missing. It will be replaced by silence.

Note, to trigger this, you need to save & quit & reload at least twice after recording it. A more detailed duplication recipe is in included.

This needs to be looked at very carefully from top to bottom. Having Ardour lose recorded audio is about the worst thing a DAW can do.

This is r5424
Additional InformationDuplication recipe:
 1. Create new session
 2. Add a mono track
 3. Record a region on the track.
 4. Save, Quit, Reload session
 5. Change something trivial in the session (move region, etc.)
 6. Save, Quit, Reload session
 7. The source is gone
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