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0002787ardourfeaturespublic2009-08-31 20:08
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Summary0002787: <Ctrl>+up/down appears to not move tracks over hidden tracks
DescriptionIf you use <Ctrl>+up-arrow/down-arrow to move the selected track(s) up or down, and there are hidden tracks in the project, the selected track won't appear to move as it passes the position of the hidden tracks.

You can see what's happening if the "Tracks/Busses' tab is visible in the Editor window: the tracks are being re-ordered, but because the selected track is moving past hidden tracks, its position in the main pane doesn't change.
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2009-08-15 02:31

manager   ~0006536

do you think this should really be changed? i find the current behaviour correct (although slightly unintuitive if you're not watching the track menu). and since this shortcut can be invoked everywhere, it's probably quite hard to make it behave differently depending on whether the user seems to be looking at the tracks or the track list.


2009-08-25 13:39

updater   ~0006607

I do agree that the present behaviour is consistent, and anything different could be more tricky to implement.

However, I was working on a project with many hidden tracks, interspersed with non-hidden ones, and it took me a long while to work out why <Ctrl>+up/down only seemed to move the selected track some of the time. If I hadn't happened to look at the "Tracks/Busses" tab, I would still be bemused.

Usually, when I move a track up or down, it's because I want to look at that track and another one next to each other. In general, both those tracks will already be visible, and I don't care about any tracks that are hidden, so even once I'd worked out what was happening, it's not ideal.

Anyway, it's not a big deal: it just caught me out.


2009-08-31 20:08

manager   ~0006616

leaving this open as a feature request - maybe someone someday comes up with a good idea to solve this usability issue.

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