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0002747ardourfeaturespublic2016-11-18 09:15
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Summary0002747: Humanizer for MIDI editor
DescriptionWhat I like to see in Ardour when it comes to MIDI integration is a humanizer function. I imagine that you mark notes and open a little dialog where you can enter some values for minimum and maximum change (in % based on an adjustable note length) and some values for minimum and maximum change (in % of max. velocity). After clicking OK the humanizer should change the marked notes based on the given values.
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related to 0004324 closeddrobilla A3 should have MIDI velocity editing facilities 



2016-11-11 08:37

reporter   ~0018937

Resurrecting this from the dead but +1. Was going to add a ticket myself but this is pretty much exactly what I'd like too. Timing and velocity "humanization" would take a lot of work out of editing MIDI.

Example here -


2016-11-18 09:15

reporter   ~0018985

You can already achieve this effect by right clicking your Midi region > (Name of the region) > Midi > Transform...

For the velocity, choose

"Set Velocity to This note's Velocity
+ (click the "+" symbol) A random number from 1 to 20
- A random number from 1 to 20"

(20 is arbitrary, choose according to your will)

Same thing for the notes' start.

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