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0002743ardourbugspublic2012-06-19 23:40
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PlatformDell D830 core2duo T9300 2.5GHzOSMandrivaOS Version2009.1
Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0002743: Inconsistancy issues with wav file importing and waveform generation.
DescriptionDepending on the options selected when importing external files Ardour does or does not become completely inactive until the import and waveform generation is complete. e.g. if you import multiple BWAV files to be positioned at their timecode stamps, all on there own new tracks, then all of the tracks and regions get created immediately and the interface remains usable. As the waveforms are generated the regions become populated. However there is a lot graphical corruption during this time and for some reason not all regions have a peak file created for them. Instead an error is reported in the error terminal (see attached screenshot). On restarting the session the remaining peak files are generated and there is no hint of any graphical corruption. It can take many session restarts to have all peaks created.

If however you import some files onto new tracks at the session start then the tracks, regions and peak files get generated one at a time and the interface is completely unresponsive until this process is over. This can take a very long time.

The ideal thing to happen is that any sort of import creates tracks and regions immediately, have the interface completely usable and have the peak files generated in the background and then populate the regions as the peaks become available, with no graphical glitches or missing of some regions !!
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related to 0003332 closed Importing a stereo wav file sometimes causes odd waveform drawing 


2009-06-20 14:55



2009-06-20 14:57

developer   ~0006140

Soma additional info. Any peak file that fails to build shows a waveform full of random spikes. see screenshot.


2010-09-30 00:06

administrator   ~0009193

I have a feeling that the graphical glitches / missing peak files thing is fixed now. I *think* the difference in region creation is governed by whether files are copied or not. Does this sound right?


2010-10-17 13:51

developer   ~0009259

Yes it could well be. Some of this seems to have been made a bit better now with the introduction of the import progress dialogue, although this isn't always shown/used. If I import without copying then the progress dialogue isn't used, the regions are created and the waveforms populate when ready. I guess the progress dialogue is only used when the audio is actually being copied or converted, it has nothing really to do with waveforms ?

I will continue testing with different import combinations.


2011-11-15 17:22

administrator   ~0012051

Any problems recently?


2012-06-18 23:49

administrator   ~0013580

ping oofus?


2012-06-19 01:55

administrator   ~0013590

i'd be surprised if this was fixed.


2012-06-19 16:10

developer   ~0013611

Pretty sure this is all still the same as I originally reported.


2012-06-19 23:40

administrator   ~0013632

Just did some testing. I can't reproduce the failed peak file builds; importing 3 BWFs of 2hrs in length each seems to work fine.

If I import without copying, the regions are always created straight away and the peak file builds happen in the background.

If I import with copy, I get the copy dialogue, and the UI is held up with that until the copies are complete. I can't see any way round this; how can the session continue if there is copying to be done?

Which bits of what I'm seeing are you not seeing? :)

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