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0002691ardourbugspublic2010-04-29 23:53
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Product Version2.4 
Summary0002691: 'Zoom Focus' setting not being remembered reliably across sessions.
DescriptionGo to View->Zoom Focus. You'll see 6 options, the first 3 of which are:- Zoom Focus Left, Zoom Focus Right and Zoom Focus Centre. If I select any of those 3 options, my selection seems to get remembered when I next launch Ardour. However, if I select any of the other 3 options (Zoom Focus Playhead, Zoom Focus Edit or Zoom Focus Mouse) they don't seem to get remembered, next time I launch Ardour. I looked in the file "~/.ardour2/instant-xml" and my chosen value always seems to get saved correctly so the problem must be on re-loading.
Additional InformationDiscovered in 2.4.1 - but later confirmed (by Lieven Moors) in 2.7.1

Lieven also discovered that whilst "View->Zoom Focus" offers these options:-

Left, Right, Center, Playhead, Edit and Mouse.

there's also a Zoom Focus dropbox at the bottom of the editor window which offers different options, namely:-

Left, Right, Center, Playhead, Mouse and Active Mark.

Is this correct?
Tagsfixed in A3


related to 0002634 new osx / 2.8 : Zoom Focus stuck on "Zoom Focus Mouse" 



2010-04-29 23:52

administrator   ~0007648

Confirmed in A2, seems fixed in A3.

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