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0002671ardourfeaturespublic2009-05-12 10:57
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Summary0002671: implement a function to preview cuts
DescriptionIt should be possible to make a selection and then play a short time before the selection and a short time after the selection. in other words: play all exept the selection but not really all, only to hear, if the cut is fine. this is for broadcast productions very usefull and known there as 'cut preview'.

in audacity 1.3.7. this function exists. make a selection, hold ctrl and click play. In the preferences they are 2 adjustable values for this:
Preview before cut region: x sec
Preview after cut region: y sec
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2009-05-11 19:17

reporter   ~0005989

Last edited: 2009-05-11 19:18

In cubase, this could be done as setting locators (loop points) in reverse order, loop start is set in the end of selection and loop end is set in the beginning. If loop mode is on, when played back, cursor jumps forward, skipping needed fragment. I don't know if it is intentional feature, I never used it this way, but maybe it could be used like this. I don't know if the same is possible in ardour, though by loop point definition (when reached loop end, jump to loop start) this might work.


2009-05-12 10:31

reporter   ~0005990

afaik this is not possible in ardour. but it's not the thing I mean, because you need to much key strokes/mouse clicks to make a single cut.

an other issue for this is the possibility to cut and move. when I make a cut (delete a selection) then i have two regions and between silence in the lenght of this selection, but I need to cut out the selection and move the second region at the end of the first one.


2009-05-12 10:57

reporter   ~0005991

I think you can use the splice edit mode to get this. So split out the unwanted region and delet. The region on the right will move to the end of the first region.

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