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0002631ardourfeaturespublic2020-12-23 12:49
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Summary0002631: Advanced CLICK options for musicians
DescriptionI have some suggestions to make the CLICK function more musical useful.

1) Especially Jazz and Blues musicians, use the metronome on the second and fourth beat, this allows them to add a little swing in the
With Ardour this is of course possible with cutting the tempo of the click in half. But then there is an annoying first loud beat in
it. It would be nice if it would be possible to use CLICK without such an first loud beat too (so you got two options).

2) It could be useful to allow the CLICK function to flash lights instead of sound clicks. When you don't have an headphone, or want to
use your ears to listening to the music you make (instead of covering them with an headphone). It would be nice if you could enlarge
that flashing light, like you can enlarge the play/control buttons. (most of the metronomes have this feature)

maybe something can be done in corporation with the nice metronome for JACK
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2009-04-10 19:59

reporter   ~0005883

I see Gtick has also an visual option. I'm in doubt whether is should be displayed like in Gtick, (visual stimulus moves from left to right and back),
or just an flashing light dot or button.


2009-04-10 20:00

reporter   ~0005884

uh Gtick is not the same metronome as KLICK...

klick: (has also an gui gtklick) (jack application)
gtick: (non-jack, but visual option)


2020-12-23 12:49

reporter   ~0025348

Not sure what is possible with Ardour in Ardour 6, but in renoise you set metronome beats per bar. Not sure if you can set it on the 2nd and 4th beat.

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