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0002623ardourfeaturespublic2009-04-08 00:19
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Summary0002623: "Creat Ranges from Markers" would help in splitting long files for CD
DescriptionI love the "create range to next marker" option in the marker context-menu, but it would be even better to select multiple markers and convert them all to ranges at one time.

This is handy for gapless splitting of concerts, LP transfers, speeches, etc. The problem with ranges in this context is that they require start and end points, which is a redundant way to express track splits in a gapless medium. Currently I do this:
1) make recording
2) top and tail it, add plugins, etc
3) drop markers at each track boundary
4) use the context menu of each marker to create a range to the next marker
5) export according to ranges

It would be great to replace step 4 with a less mouse-intensive option, perhaps "Transport / Markers / Creat Ranges from Markers" ?
Additional InformationI'm using 2.7.1 (Mac Intel binary)
I haven't seen 3.0 so I don't know what has changed.
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