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0002609ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:31
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Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
Summary0002609: volume envelope lines are drwan outside of region boundaries
DescriptionSteps to reproduce:
1. Create a new session
2. Import an audio file (I did drag and drop)
3. Switch to the "Draw Gain Automation" tool (I pressed "G")
4. Click on somewhere in the region to create an envelope point above 0dB
5. Switch to the "Select/Move" tool (I pressed "O")
6. Resize the region by dragging the left end and release very close to the previously created envelope point but without going beyond it.
7. Again resize the region by dragging the left end but this time resize just a little bit (1 second).
8. Switch to the "Draw Gain Automation" tool (I pressed "G").
9. Move the previously created automation point up, down, left or right.
10. Click in between the extreme left automation point and the created autmation point to create a second automation point in the middle.
11. A "phantom" point will appear outside of the region bounds (screenshot attached)
12. If this didn't work then undo to retry (getting very close to the created point without passing it when resizing the region in step 6, zoom in a bit if needed).

As a side note: an extra phantom node is also created if the resizing in step 6 is not done very close to the created node but it appears in between the extreme left and the created node (not outside the region boundaries).
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2009-04-01 04:15


screenshot2.png (10,140 bytes)   
screenshot2.png (10,140 bytes)   


2009-04-01 04:16

reporter   ~0005850

... sorry, forgot to add that this was done with Ardour 2.8 in OpenSuse 11.0


2009-06-29 10:49

manager   ~0006197

have seen this as well. no region resizing here, but sometimes when editing points in the middle, later ones will jump to wrong positions as if their time was being scaled up, sometimes leaving control points well after the end of the region and also after the session end marker. these can only be manually removed after dragging the end marker to a later position (since initially you can't reach those spurious points, because the bottom scrollbar only reaches to the end of the session, and the markers are later)

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