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Summary0002582: Rotate-through-layers would be a useful command
DescriptionThe present means of right-clicking on a region, then selecting a layer to pop up, is not particularly intuitive and is error prone. What region is on top?

A faster way to do things would be to be able to rotate through the layers (takes?) not just with a mouse click but with a keyboard command, so the mixing person can quickly hear the differences between takes.

Similarly an A/B option would be useful to compare between the most recent top layer and the second most recent top layer. A and B aren't being used as keyboard accellerators at present.
Additional InformationMy ideal scenario is to be lying in my hammock after an exausting recording session, listening to the recording, and to be able to select the best takes from each track using shift-track-next and shift-track-prev on the tranzport.

I know. I'm dreaming.

(it's a very comfortable hammock)
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