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0002562ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:31
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Product Version2.7.1 
Summary0002562: After the ARDOUR_UI::engine_halted dialog appears, saving the session results in all track + bus output connections being lost
DescriptionSteps to reproduce:

1. The "Ardour was not fast enough" dialog appears
2. User saves session
3. User restarts ardour
4. All track + bus outputs are disconnected

I've classed this as major because on a project with lots of tracks and buses it can take a long time to setup all the outputs again :(

Workaround: don't save the session. Close ardour and choose not to save. You lose any work done in the session but it's probably less work than setting up all the outputs again.

This is on Ubuntu Hardy with jackd 0.109.2-1ubuntu1 and 2.7.1 compiled from source.
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2009-03-12 21:19

administrator   ~0005807

hmm, Session::save_state() should refuse to work if ardour is no longer connected to JACK. can you confirm absolutely that its possible to save state when disconnected from JACK? this disabling was intended precisely to stop this behaviour (at the cost of possibly losing edits).

we do actually have all the info required to save state in the right way, but it lives in the AudioEngine object, not each port. tricky to fix, but far from impossible.


2009-03-13 12:21

administrator   ~0005817

i see now that the code in AudioEngine is wrong. the shutdown handler does not mark jack as inactive, so state saving will still be permitted. fixing that is part 1 of solving this particular bug; part two will be to make ports always save their connection state from data owned by the audio engine.


2009-03-15 18:43

reporter   ~0005821

Yes it definitely allows you to save.

I don't think re-connecting to JACK helps either but I'm not 100% sure of this.


2009-04-01 04:26

reporter   ~0005852

I experienced this same problem several times before and when reconnecting Jack I got and error about the Jack ports not existing. Connections were lost anyways.


2009-07-04 18:44

administrator   ~0006254

I believe that this is now fixed in 2.0-ongoing (confirmation would be helpful) and will be in 2.8.1


2009-07-13 14:31

reporter   ~0006428

Hi Paul,

I'll keep an eye out for it happening again.

I sent you a paypal.




2009-07-13 16:06

reporter   ~0006429

I've reproduced this and the fix looks good.

To reproduce I started a compilation of ardour in parallel with making a copy of an ardour session on my audio disk.

Then I loaded up ardour and moved the playhead around a lot during playback.

ardour copes surprisingly well, but eventually the "your computer was not fast enough" dialog appears.

ardour no longer disconnects all the jack ports! yay!

In fact, after a brief pause, ardour will continue playback.

Therefore, would it be possible to get rid of this dialog altogether, and maybe display a warning somewhere in the UI? eg in the top right status area.

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