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Product Version2.4 
Summary0002550: Severe glitching when trying to use automn with a large session
DescriptionI've been using 2.4.1 for about 3-4 months but only this morning did I have a need to use fader automation. I had quite a large session (around 400 timeline regions) and I set one of my mixer faders to "touch" mode. I wrote a few seconds of fader movements but when I played the automation back, the audio being automated was EXTREMELY scratch & glitchy (sounding very similar to anti-aliasing). The fader's dB display was going up & down as expected - but was occasionally showing ridiculously high values, such as +765. I tried the same thing with a much smaller session (around 30 timeline regions) and it was fine. I'm sure I've used this feature in previous versions (also with large sessions) without encountering this problem.
Additional InformationI tried the same two sessions on a totally different PC (i.e. different hardware) and observed the same problem, so it's unlikely to be a hardware issue.
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2009-02-12 09:56

reporter   ~0005696

Some further information came to light yesterday. Like many of the bugs I've reported recently, this problem seems to be due to having sessions at high timecode values. It just so happens that the large session started at 10 hours timecode whereas the smaller session started close to zero timecode. However, if I offset the large session so that it also starts close to zero timecode, the problem goes away (vice-versa if I offset the small session to start at 10 hours).

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