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Summary0002539: step input into inline midi
DescriptionThis is a suggestion for step inputting (non realtime) into an inline midi region:

Create a set of note length keystrokes, that are active when bars and beats are selected as time parameter.

1 note (Semibreve) = alt+1
1/2 note (minum) = alt+2
1/4 note (crotchet) = alt+3
1/8 note (quaver) = alt+4
1/16 note (semiquaver) = alt+5
1/32 note (demisemiquaver) = alt+6
1/64 note (hemidemisemiquaver) = alt+7

After the note has been entered:

double note length = alt+8
halve note length = alt+9
triple note length =alt+0


Select note length as above, then enter note by pitch from midi keyboard input.

note positioning:
Alternative 1:

Use the playback cursor in a dual role as an edit cursor. Position the cursor to the initial entry position, then enter the note, and the cursor automatically jumps to the end of the inputted note, ready for the next input.

Alternative 2:
Create a midi 'marker' that fills the role of an edit cursor, as described above. When step input mode is selected, the midi marker appears at the beginning of the region. the user then re-position's the midi marker, and commences step inputting. When midi step input mode is deselected, the marker disappears.

Inserting Rests in step input mode:

one keystroke that responds to the note duration keystrokes as described above.


the user defines the grid duration (i.e. alt+2 for a minum), then hits the Rest keystroke, to advance the cursor, be it the playback cursor doubling as a midi edit cursor, or a midi marker posing as an edit cursor.

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