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0002529ardourotherpublic2009-01-25 00:11
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Product Version2.7.1 
Summary0002529: Merge items from Session menu (New, Open, Recent and Close)
DescriptionThe menu items Session->New, Session->Open, Session->Recent and Session->Close interfere with each other. To make things more consistent these 4 commands should be merged to one command (e.g. "Session Control"). This command should pop up the "Session Control" dialog.
Additional InformationThe menu item Session->New pops up the "Session Control" dialog (the same which is also shown when starting Ardour). This allows to create a new session as well as to open an existing one. I would not expect the latter when I choose the "New" command.

Session->Open shows a file dialog (which can also be reached by choosing Session->New, then selecting the "Open Session tab", then clicking "Browse"). It is not possible to choose from recent sessions (as I'm used to from the "Session Control" dialog).

The Session->Recent command shows recent sessions. Together with the "Open" command, it makes up the functionality which is accessible in the "open" tab of the "Session Control" dialog, (which is shown by the "New" command).

The Session->Close command closes the actual session and shows the "Session Control" dialog. From the users point of view, this is approximately the same as Session->New. The difference is at which point the Editor window (and the actual session) will be closed ("New" will close it after creating/opening a new session, "Close" will close it before showing the "Session Control" dialog). In addition, "Close" interferes with "Quit", because a user might be confused about the difference of them.

To make the user interface more consistent, the 4 commands should be merged.
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