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0002510ardourfeaturespublic2009-01-01 20:57
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Summary0002510: region color bars in editor window are wastefully large in some views
Descriptionthe color bars containing the region names are too large in smaller views.
the "smallest" setting gets rid of them entirely, but the other sizes and the autofit are sub-optimal. try "small". on my system (1024x798, yeah, i know), the color bar will take one third (!) of the available track height.

after some discussion with seablade on irc, he suggested something like "10% of the available height or 20px, whatever is smaller". i guess something like 20% is probably better, but that would need some user feedback.
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2009-01-01 20:57


ardour-colorbars_too_big.png (136,237 bytes)   
ardour-colorbars_too_big.png (136,237 bytes)   

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