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0002467ardourbugspublic2010-04-26 01:00
Reporterkuribas Assigned To 
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Product Version2.6.1 
Summary0002467: right click menu command "<track name> > trim > edit point to end" doesn't seem to work
DescriptionI tried to trim the end of the track region by using the right-click menu in the
track, and then choosing <track name> > trim > edit point to end. However, nothing seems to happen.
Tagsfixed in A3



2008-11-24 18:12

manager   ~0005350

To add on to this, doing the command via the Ardour Menus at the top of the window or screen depending on the version, will treat the current mouse position in the menu as the edit point, which seems very counterintuitive, and would probably be better using the playhead for the edit point, at least in the cases where it is accessed through a menu. Sadly this would make it a bit confusing for the hotkey functionality, or possibly slow down the process, not sure the best way to handle it.



2010-04-26 01:00

administrator   ~0007569

The trim edit point to end seems to work in A3.

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