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Summary0002464: wiimote metronome and configuration
Descriptionjust a couple of small ones...

the wiimote 'surface' plugin is great, but i was wondering what could be done with the remaining two lights on the bottom. i was thinking that using them to flash out the 'bars and beats' of the song (where the click would play it's major and minor sound) for a subtle visual indication. this way one could have an idea of where they are up to in a song without needing to have the audible click track in their ears (of course it doesn't replace the click, nor should it. it is just a minor visual cue).

secondly (and this may be planned anyway) it would be nice to be able to use a menu in ardour to assign functions to the wiimote (or any control surface for that matter) rather than having it hardcoded in the .cc file. if this is too much work, then perhaps an external config file?

anyway, cheers for the hard work. now i can brag that i have the only daw on the planet that officially supports the wiimote :D

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