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0002461ardourfeaturespublic2009-06-26 16:17
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Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
Summary0002461: OSX Standards
DescriptionImplement cmd-` to switch windows, cmd-, for prefs, "About" under the Ardour2 menu, and not quitting when session closed. Yeah, docs/help would be nice too...
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2008-11-24 07:46

manager   ~0005297

For me on OS X Intel, it doesn't quit when you close a session, but it does return to the dialog box. I am assuming this is from the same person that posted to the User list and you are on PPC?



2008-11-24 15:38

reporter   ~0005340

Ahh, on PPC, it quits if you use the close button, but goes to the open dialog if you use menu-close. Neither behaviour is standard OSX of course. Yes, same person :-)


2008-11-24 17:59

manager   ~0005347

Ahh ok, that may be the difference, I never used the close button.



2008-11-25 00:49

administrator   ~0005360

i'll consider fixed the close behaviour. OS X convention is very different here than linux and it seems worth respecting it.

Cmd, i will fix, and moving About needs some investigation.

stay tuned.


2009-01-15 00:43

manager   ~0005586

I can't remember if this was fixed before 2.7.1 was released or not, but can you check and confirm status for you on SVN version if you get a moment. Thus far though I believe this is fixed(Well except for the docs, but that is a different issue;)



2009-06-26 16:17

manager   ~0006181

Well this seems to be fixed now so I am resolving out the issue. If it is not, post back here in the next couple of weeks or I will close out the issue and then just open a new issue. Have fun.


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