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0002449ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:32
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Summary0002449: Strange Splice mode behavior
DescriptionSplice mode may be designed to behave this way, but the logic in me says there is something strange about this behavior. A step by step demonstration is below.

Begin in slide mode with a region of reasonable length. In slide mode, split the region into three unequal parts: Beginning, Middle, and End

Shift-Right Click the middle region to remove it from the play list. This leaves two regions: Beginning and End, with empty space between them left from the removal of the Middle region.

Now, switch to splice mode and drag the Beginning region to the right, towards the End region. Instead of the right side of the Beginning region being "butted" up against the left side of the End region (which is my proposed behavior), the two regions swap places, with the start of the End region located where Beginning used to start, and the start of the Beginning regions located where End used to start.
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2008-11-24 11:31

manager   ~0005327

Unfortunately Splice mode is not really in a state that is close to done, or really even all that working at this point.


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