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0002422ardourfeaturespublic2008-10-19 15:44
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Summary0002422: starting ardour without some external dependency (eg jamin) removes ports from inserts etc
Descriptionif i have a complex project relying on external software such as jamin and forget to start those dependencies before loading the project in ardour, the missing ports are removed from the inserts, sends etc and the insert is left enabled. i think a far more sensible solution is to leave the ports there (assuming this is possible with jack) and just have them attempt to reconnect when the jack client list changes, so it will automatically connect upon the external program starting up.

regardless of whether that is possible, the other (more immediate) thing i think should be done is to disable the problem connection - that way an insert will not just act as an 'unplugged' part of the channel strip and the audio can continue to be used till everything else is resolved.

i hope this makes sense :)
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