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0002415ardourtranslationpublic2008-10-13 23:44
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Summary0002415: lack of l10n upgrade automations
DescriptionHi, i noticed that there is no a standard means for keeping .po files up2date against the subtree they refer to ...

Usually, a makefile with a pair of target like:


  ls | egrep '.*(cc?|h)$' | xgettext -f - -kgettext -k_ -o po/foobar.pot


  for potfile in po/*po; do msgmerge $potfile po/foobar.pot -o $ && mv $ $potfile;done

o something less ugly ok ok :), will do what we need here.

I would like to see something like this in ardour tree, but i don't know how to cooperate with scons, so i can just offer this my 2 cents and maybe a future translation effort ... :)


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