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0002349ardourbugspublic2010-04-25 15:21
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Summary0002349: CD markers sometimes snap, usually don't
CD markers I've noticed don't usually snap, but sometimes do. What's the expected behavior?
Workaround: Make marker from playhead, set playhead at marker, set cd markers from playhead.
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2008-07-19 22:00

administrator   ~0005115

CD markers have to snap to CD "frame" positions, where a CD "frame" is some fixed fraction of a second. They cannot be at any other positions, because of the way the redbook audio standard is written.

now, to be picky, the *first* CD marker could be anywhere, which should probably be filed as a separate bug, along with some ideas about how differentiate between this:

    [ track 1 ] [ track 2 ]


    | track 1 | track 2 | track 3 |


2010-04-25 15:21

administrator   ~0007537

Does paul's comment below explain things bennyp?

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