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0002344ardourbugspublic2010-07-25 16:12
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Summary0002344: Automation not working in Touch mode
DescriptionI am working with a fresh system and a fresh install of 2.5 though I have had this issue with every version I have used (2.0 onwards I think)... I am using a BCF2000 in Midi mode (connected to computer via usb)- I have bound controllers to the Channel Faders and automation data gets written when the track is in record mode but not touch mode.
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2008-09-09 07:56

reporter   ~0005132

ok had a bit of a poke around in the code myself. And came to the conclusion that this is a logical issue. No way of telling if the slider is being held or not. further brainstorming came up with the following solutions though I am unsure of the best way to implement them.

1) slider behaves as if in read mode until moved manually then behaves as if in write mode - this should be easiest to implement.

2) slider as above but if slider is moved back to existing level then the slider reverts to read mode behaviour.

3) allow midi bindings to bind a button to toggle between read and write mode


2010-07-25 16:12

manager   ~0008635

the bcf does not send touch information.

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