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0002334ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:32
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Summary0002334: On Multihead Displays, AU GUIs draw out of place
DescriptionThis is one of a number of problems that occur on multihead displays.

I've attached screenshots showing what happens when I first open a plugin GUI, and then what happens after engaging expose or switching apps, then switching to the plugin GUI.

This makes it very hard to work. I've resorted to getting plugin settings right, then restarting Ardour to work on the next plugin.

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2008-06-29 12:36


before.jpg (371,922 bytes)

2008-06-29 12:36


after.jpg (399,589 bytes)


2008-06-29 12:40

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build 3349


2008-07-07 14:05

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its not possible for me to debug this. i don't have a multi-head capable Mac.

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