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0002331ardourbugspublic2010-04-25 15:38
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Summary0002331: Changing height can affect wrong track in ardour 2.4.1
DescriptionTo reproduce:
1. Start new session
2. Create any two stereo tracks (I created them by importing two wavs), lets call them Audio1 and Audio2.
3. Show gain automation for Audio1.
4. Select Audio2 by clicking on a blank bit of the Audio2 box (don't know a better name) to the left of the editor space.
5. Change the height of the Audio1 gain automation track by clicking on the "h" button on the Audio1 box and selecting "Largest".
6. The height of _Audio2_ changes, even though the height of Audio1 is what's being changed.

I hope this is enough information to reproduce. Thanks for a great program.
Additional InformationUsing 2.4.1, but didn't see this version in drop-down box.
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2008-07-08 22:29

reporter   ~0005100

same here svn r3524,

the resize operation is performed on the selected track, not on the track, not on the corresponding track


2010-04-25 15:38

administrator   ~0007544

Is this still an issue? The height menu is no longer present (track height can be dragged in newer version of Ardour).

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