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0002297ardourbugspublic2008-11-24 09:19
Reporterpeppot Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionreopened 
Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
Summary0002297: "Fit all selected tracks" broken because it does not take automation tracks in consideration
Description"Fit all selected tracks" in the Track menu needs to take automation tracks into consideration. It should regard a selected track's automation tracks as also selected.
Right now it leaves them untouched, which results in a bunch of huge automation tracks and tiny regular tracks.
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2008-11-21 19:48

manager   ~0005262

Appears to be fixed in recent versions of Ardour, setting status to resolved. If this is still reproducible by the OP or others in recent versions of Ardour, post up a note saying so and I will reopen.



2008-11-23 19:27

reporter   ~0005291

This is not fixed. Please reopen.


2008-11-23 19:29

reporter   ~0005292

Addendum: new behaviour in latest SVN: if automation tracks are present, now NOTHING happens.


2008-11-24 01:09

manager   ~0005294

What OS are you on? I am unable to reproduce here on 2.7 on Mac OS X here? Have yet to test SVN though.



2008-11-24 01:15

manager   ~0005295

Nevermind, I was able to reproduce it here, I see what you are talking about, misunderstood what you meant at first.


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