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0002286ardourfeaturespublic2008-06-10 01:43
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Summary0002286: Request: Selectable default crossfade
DescriptionMy request is for the ability to select a default crossfade to be applied when overlaping regions for the first time.
Additional InformationI find that during the course of editing a project, I'll use the same style crossfade over and over for the same purpose: if I'm using piano takes laid down with the intention of splicing them together, one fade style works great every time, whereas splicing a live recording a different style will be needed, but will work most of the time through that session.

In my imagination I think I'd like to be able to set the default crossfade for each track individually, as in my experience one set of mic setup/instrument combination/recording approach will tend to sound best with one crossfade, while another will generally sound better with another. Just having the ability to select one would be fine though- select a crossfade that has been working for a track and do all the splicing for that track, select another and do the next track...

As suggested by PD on freenode, I'd be willing to drop 40 bucks to help make this happen.
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